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Enable Efficiency"


To enable charitable and non-profit organisations to operate more efficiently so they can be more effective in servicing our community.


To volunteer our professional skills to assist relevant organisations in
achieving their own objectives effectively and efficiently.

Mentor and encourage when required to encourage growth and self-sufficiency.


We are a group belonging to a generation of Technology and Management professionals who started our career 30-40 years ago, and have been in senior leadership roles in large corporations. We have a vast amount of experience in many areas including:

- Strategy development and execution

- Change and program leadership

- Operation management and governance

- Project management and governance

OUR Values

- Society will benefit from our services.
- We provide high quality professional mentoring.

- We work as a team
- We enjoy intellectually challenging work
- We value our relationships with each other

We respect the confidentiality of the organisations we work with

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